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Pacifica poised to slash KPFA’s union staff – PROTEST Thursday noon

The union representing KPFA’s paid workers believes Pacifica management is preparing to move ahead with layoffs of more than a quarter of the station’s staff, including core shows such as the Morning Show, Against the Grain, Hard Knock Radio and the KPFA Evening News, along with other vital positions at the station. (For more on what’s behind the cuts, see this just-off-the-press article by Pacifica historian Matthew Lasar.) KPFA’s union workers are inviting all listeners and concerned community members to join them for an informational picket: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4 at NOON Pacifica National Office 1925 Martin Luther King Jr Way, … Continue reading

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Proposed Cuts Threaten KPFA

KPFA, the nation’s longest operating listener-sponsored radio station and flagship of the five-station Pacifica network, has faced many crises. But a plan from Pacifica national to lay off many of the station’s core staff, while ignoring more progressive solutions to a budget shortfall, could decimate programming at the venerable 61-year-old Berkeley institution. Continue reading

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Sustainable Budget Wins Broad Support

KPFA’s unionized staff, represented by the Communications Workers of America Local 9415, have drafted what they call the Sustainable KPFA Budget to meet the shortfall, aiming to preserve programming and on-air fundraising capacities. Their proposals include cutting more than $110,000 in expenses for meetings of the Pacifica National Board, spreading out KPFA’s repayment of back-dues to Pacifica, and charging Pacifica rent for the KPFA-owned building it occupies. Individual staff members have also offered to save KPFA money by switching to less-expensive health plans. On October 16, KPFA’s local station board endorsed those staff proposals. KPFA’s local management also supported the … Continue reading

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Speak out against damaging cuts to KPFA

SaveKPFA is cited as “easily the best slate” by Pacifica historian Matthew Lasar in his blog this week, after it swept 6 of 9 open seats on KPFA’s station board. But even as he sent his congratulations for SaveKPFA’s election victory, Lasar notes that the “great majority of Pacifica listener subscribers never vote in these races,” which have cost the organization millions of dollars.

Those dollars could better be used to support KPFA excellent radio programming, as the station grapples with fundraising shortfalls in this difficult economy. Station staff have released what they call a “sustainable budget” that would save over $250,000. Continue reading

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Big win for SaveKPFA slate in KPFA board election

The SaveKPFA slate has won a big victory in elections to KPFA’s local governing board. Listeners elected SaveKPFA members to six of nine open seats.

The top vote-getter in the election, Mal Burnstein said, “I believe that the results here indicate that the listener-members do not want an explicitly sectarian station. They want a station that presents varying points of view, civil discourse, controversy and comment; a station where ideas and facts not readily available elsewhere can get a hearing; a place where the arts, literature, music and theater are valued.”

“In short, they want a return to the basic principles of Pacifica,” said Burnstein. “This election seems to be a vindication of our beleaguered and underpaid staff, laboring tirelessly during this economic slump. We owe them real thanks. “

The unofficial results show that along with Mal Burnstein, SaveKPFA members Jack Kurzweil, Margy Wilkinson, Matthew Hallinan, Tanya Russell and David Saldana were elected. Those winning election from the Independents for Community Radio slate were Tracy Rosenberg, Hyun-Mi Kim and Cynthia Johnson.

The SaveKPFA candidates were elected in a landslide, despite an election process that was consistently biased against them. Continue reading

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