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Happy 65th birthday KPFA!

Tune in to KPFA today to celebrate 65 years of amazing radio and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the station we all love. There are special guests all day, and you can make a contribution in honor of KPFA’s past as well as its future health and longevity. Just a taste of today’s special programming: Brian Edwards-Tiekert interviews Matthew Lasar and Adam David Miller on UpFront about the founding on KPFA. Mitch Jeserich interviews KPFA founder Richard Moore and new Pacifica interim executive director Bernard Duncan on Letters & Politics. He’s later joined by long-time KPFA programmers Kris Welch and Louis … Continue reading

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KPFA’s LSB demands fire exec leave office

A motion demanding that the former interim executive Summer Reese, who is sleeping at Pacifica’s National Office, “leave peacefully” passed the KPFA Local Station Board overwhelmingly by a vote of 10-5 on April 12. Board members were responding to the flood of  emails and comments about the situation, including a petition signed by over 700 listeners and staff. | LISTEN to the LSB meeting: part a, part b, part c Meanwhile, the Pacifica National Board met on Monday, April 14 in executive session and issued this report out, which says that due to “pending litigation” the board “adjourned to a … Continue reading

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Moving forward: new executive director for Pacifica

When Pacifica National Board chair (and SaveKPFA activist) Margy Wilkinson assumed executive powers after the termination of Summer Reese, she promised listeners and staff that she didn’t want the job, wouldn’t accept pay, and would work to get a qualified professional in as soon as possible. This week, she delivered. Pacifica has announced that KPFK former station manager Bernard Duncan has been hired as interim executive director while a search in under way for a permanent replacement. Duncan has extensive experience in radio and television broadcasting, including years in management positions, according to Pacifica’s website. “Bernard Duncan knows his way … Continue reading

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Some still clinging to the past

[UPDATE 4/9/14 @10:05 am: The national board minority's attempt to get a Temporary Restraining Order to allow Reese to keep her job has been DENIED by the Alameda County Superior Court. More news as we have it.] Pacifica’s former interim executive director, Summer Reese, remains barricaded in her former office, which she broke into with bolt cutters four days after the elected Pacifica National Board voted 11-7 to end her employment. In violation of California law, she’s still illegally blocking elected members of Pacifica’s Board of Directors from entering the premises to look at financial records. Over the past week, … Continue reading

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Listeners and staff to terminated executive: just leave!

“The Pacifica Radio network is as fragile as it is important — it cannot afford this protracted disruption,” reads a petition launched by the network’s listeners and staff, addressed to terminated executive Summer Reese, who has barricaded herself in the national office next door to KPFA with her mother and a handful of supporters. “Please respect the decision by the majority of the elected Pacifica National Board, stop blocking elected board members’ access to financial records, leave Pacifica’s offices peacefully, and help make Pacifica’s leadership transition a smooth one,” the petition continues. Early signatories include former Pacifica National Affairs correspondent Larry Bensky, long-time community activist Ying Lee, KPFA’s UpFront co-host Brian Edwards-Tiekert, and former Pacifica board … Continue reading

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PNB dismisses interim ED

In a short announcement posted March 13, the Pacifica National Board (PNB) reports that it has ended the employment of controversial interim executive director Summer Reese. New board chair Margy Wilkinson sent this longer message to the network’s general managers explaining the change, asking that it be forwarded to staff. She confirms that an new interim executive director will be in place soon. Wilkinson was elected Pacifica chair last month after new delegates from each local station took their seats on the PNB, following annual elections from the five Pacifica local station boards. The memo also notes that the national board is turning … Continue reading

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Good news on KPFA’s budget, shorter pledge drives

Preliminary financial statements distributed by KPFA Local Station Board treasurer Barbara Whipperman during the board’s meeting on March 8 show KPFA outperforming its budget over the first four months of this fiscal year. The station’s budget anticipated a loss of $28,465 over that period — instead, the station reported positive net income of $56,532 — $85,000 better than budget. KPFA wrapped up its February fund drive in just 18 days — nearly a week shorter than last years’ major fund drives. Credit goes to the hard work of KPFA’s staff, the generosity of its listeners, and a fortuitous estate gift that made it … Continue reading

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SaveKPFA’s Margy Wilkinson elected PNB chair, Tracy Rosenberg finally off the board

The Pacifica National Board (PNB) met February 7-10 in Washington, DC. After a close election, Margy Wilkinson, a member of SaveKPFA and former chair of KPFA‘s local board, became Pacifica’s new chair. Margy is a long-time union activist who is also involved with Grandmothers Against War and is an active volunteer in the Berkeley public schools. Over her two years as chair of KPFA’s local board, she demonstrated a real knack for bringing calm and civility to an often acrimonious setting. Here’s hoping she can keep it up at the PNB! In related news, this year’s PNB no longer includes … Continue reading

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Pacifica board takes action on election, WBAI crisis

In its new configuration, the board took several notable actions. It passed a motion that will put long-overdue board elections into motion. Pacifica’s bylaws required it to hold elections in 2013, but Pacifica’s executive director Summer Reese failed to hire anyone to run them, and that year’s board ratified her inaction by voting to postpone elections — effectively extending many of their own terms. National board members also brought more transparency to discussions over what to do about long-suffering Pacifica station WBAI in New York City. After years of running massive deficits, the station was dealt a near-lethal blow when … Continue reading

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Free Speech Radio News finally back

In late September, the independent newscast run on all Pacifica stations, Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), ceased production, largely because Pacifica had not paid nearly $200,000 owed to the group, according to Radio Survivor, Current and others. Founded by Pacifica freelance reporters striking against management censorship in 2000, the program had long served as the network’s international and national news bureau, and its loss has been a severe blow to KPFA and other stations. But this week, FSRN announced it had secured new funding to re-launch the program — now it’s time to get Pacifica’s stations to re-subscribe to its services. … Continue reading

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