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Pacifica is refusing to reinstate the Morning Show, despite $60K in pledges

Pacifica executive director Arlene Engelhardt says she won’t reinstate KPFA’s Morning Show, despite being offered $60,000 in pledges from listeners to pay for it, according to this report, which aired on the Pacifica Evening News. Play here: A delegation of SaveKPFA members, including KPFA board chair Margy Wilkinson, board member Pamela Drake, and listener-activist Ying Lee, met on January 20 with KPFA’s new general manager Amit Pendyal and interim program director Carrie Core. “We told them we’d received $60,000 in pledges to restore the Morning Show from very enthusiastic listeners, and that KPFA and Pacifica could avoid costly arbitrations and … Continue reading

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Behind the Coup at KPFA

by Matthew Hallinan In early November, the Executive Director of Pacifica, Arlene Englehardt, seized all power at KPFA, firing the talented hosts of the station’s most popular locally produced program, and replacing it with one of her own choosing. She acted without consulting the Interim General Manager of the station or the Local Station Board (LSB). She didn’t ask to meet with the staff of the station or with the union that represents them. In her rush to fire the hosts of The Morning Show, she violated the terms of the union contract, trampled on KPFA’s democratic system of local … Continue reading

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KPFA News report on Morning Show pledges

Pacifica executive director Arlene Engelhardt is refusing to reinstate KPFA’s popular Morning Show, despite being offered $60,000 in pledges to pay for it from listeners. For more, listen to this audio report, which aired on tonight’s Pacifica Evening News. share: Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share on technorati Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Tell a friend

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Pacifica’s response to the outpouring of support for the Morning Show

Since the KPFA Morning Show was removed from the air in November, listeners have generously pledged over $55,000 to rehire the hosts and bring it back to KPFA’s airwaves via SaveKPFA’s PLEDGE TO RESTORE THE MORNING SHOW. That’s enough funding to return the two Morning Show hosts (Aimee Allison and Brian Edwards-Tiekert) for the remainder of the fiscal year (through September 2011). The show was KPFA’s highest grossing, bringing in 3 times what it cost to produce. So what’s Pacifica’s response? Multiple calls and emails to Pacifica’s executive director from SaveKPFA activists Margy Wilkinson and Mal Burnstein (both elected delegates … Continue reading

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San Francisco Board of Supervisors calls on Pacifica to negotiate in good faith

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a resolution at its January 4, 2011, meeting urging Pacifica to resolve the dispute at KPFA in a transparent and fair manner. Expressing concern that the termination of Morning Show staff has caused “great disruption at the station” and is “creating conditions that are undermining the democratic spirit of Pacifica Radio’s unique experiment,” the board called on Pacifica to seek mediation with the union, station board, and listeners to negotiate “in a transparent manner a collective solution that will be fair and acceptable to all.” The board also urged the parties to stabilize … Continue reading

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Impartial oversight of vote still in question

After an outpouring of listener pressure, management finally certified the recall election to proceed, but has been vague about how it will conduct the vote, or if it will follow Pacifica’s own rules and mail the ballots before year’s end. Hundreds of KPFA listeners signed the recall petition, which lays out the charges of election fraud, email theft, and the destruction of programming by Rosenberg. Hundreds more have signed a second petition demanding that a neutral third party oversee the vote. Many who signed expressed their frustration with Pacifica’s actions against KPFA, led by treasurer Rosenberg and executive director Arlene … Continue reading

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